Family Promise Network

Nicholas w RUMC volThe Family Promise Network is a Sheltering Program for working homeless families with dependent children. Local congregations around Bergen County host up to 14 people at a time on a weekly rotating schedule. Families are provided with safe and comfortable shelter, three meals, companionship, and support. Host congregation volunteers, along with others from neighboring congregations, interact with families, play with the children, and act as overnight hosts. Click here for a list of Participating Host and Support Congregations.

During the day families have access to the Nancy S. Woods Family Center, from which they leave for work, school, or daycare. Showers, laundry facilities, and computers for homework and job searches are available.

owa sittingFamily Case Managers work with all families on a regular basis to set goals and develop a plan that empowers them to return to self-sufficiency. Volunteers in the Network and the community at large assist Family Promise staff develop resources for jobs, educational opportunities, affordable housing, reliable transportation, dependable daycare, and other necessities.


Weekend Program

This program allows families to stay in the Family Center on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays when the office is closed. Although families are free to come and go, the Center operates as a “home base”. Volunteers provide a presence for the families and engage children in activities as needed.