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In May of 2020, at the height of the pandemic, mom Mara and her young seven year old son entered the Family Promise New Leaf Program. The perfect apartment had opened up, and we were happy to be able to welcome her and help stabilize her family. During this extremely uncertain time, Mara has made steady progress. We are thrilled to report that she now plans to move out and move on!

Mara has worked hard with her financial coaches and achieved all of the goals she set for herself.  She has managed to stay employed, always focused and on-target, while working closely and intensively with her case manager to remove any obstacles in her way.  She also attended scheduled workshops regularly. Always responsive and engaged, Mara has demonstrated a strong drive to succeed.

With a new job, a better salary, and significant savings, Mara is set to start her apartment search and be on her way to meeting her goal of self-sufficiency. And she has accomplished all of this during the pandemic and in well under two years!

We wish this family the very best on their journey.  And we will always be here for them as they navigate any bumps in the road.