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Changing Lives Forever
In the book, The Three Rules of Exceptional Companies, rule number one is “better before cheaper”. Well then, that would make Family Promise of Bergen County exceptional! We have made the very strategic decision to do what’s in the best interest of our families, not just what’s cheapest. We want to change their lives forever and prevent them from ever being homeless again.

In the last issue of The Promise, Paul Shackford talked about how Family Promise is helping adults get the job training and education they need to qualify for better paying employment. He also talked about teaching the soft skills to those committed to making a change.

In this New Year, let’s find ways to make this happen for all of the families – in the Network and in the New Leaf Transitional Housing Program. Let’s identify jobs our families can train for and internships they can take advantage of. And let’s find more ways to make it happen than reasons why it can’t. If we all look in our own circles, the opportunities are out there. Have an idea? Call me and we’ll talk about it.

In this issue, you will read about Nancy Woods who has helped more homeless families than anyone in the history of Family Promise and the Interreligious Fellowship for the Homeless combined. You will hear how the Allendale coalition and all of the citizens of Allendale are doing their part and have been for over 25 years. You will also learn about Hike or Bike 2015 and how you can join with others to raise funds to help homeless families move ahead in their journey to self-sufficiency.

Let’s make 2015 the year we really make a difference for every family struggling to keep a roof over their children’s heads. With your continued involvement and support, we can make this happen!
With my deepest gratitude,