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Rashawna earns her Nursing Assistant certification and gets a new full-time higher paying job!
Many of you remember Rashawna, a former client of the Family Promise Network. At our annual gala last year, she talked about finding full-time employment because FP helped with childcare and how she was empowered to find her voice on the job and in her personal life.

Fast forward to today, we find that Rashawna’s hard work and success did not stop when she left the program.  Rashawna did her research and returned to Family Promise with a desire to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. Family Promise provided funding for her studies and in September she received her certification. Not long after, she found a full-time job using her new skills. Her reward? A 30% increase in her income!  Congratulations, Rashawna. We’re certain there will be many more successes in your future.