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When Associate Pastor Penny Hogan from West Side Presbyterian Church in Ridgewood contacted Kate to let her know that their Mission Committee had chosen to make Family Promise the focus of their Lenten Mission Campaign, she was understandably delighted.  When she was told that the goal was to raise $1,000 a day for each of the 40 days of Lent, Kate admits she was skeptical.  The West Side congregation had exhibited its generosity in the past, but this was truly ambitious!  Not to mention there’s a global pandemic going on so not as many people are actually coming into the church.

“About halfway through, I was afraid that we wouldn’t reach our mark,” acknowledged Laura Given, the coordinator for the Family Promise Network at West Side.  But Pastor Penny reassured her.  “You know how these things go.  Everyone waits until the end!”  And she was right!

The Mission Committee created a series of videos to inspire the congregation to support the vital work of Family Promise.  Moved by their message, West Side reached its unimaginable goal of $40,000 in 40 days!!  “I’m convinced that this congregation can do anything it puts its mind to,” Kate told the congregation when she went in person to thank them.

We are so grateful to everyone at West Side Presbyterian Church for their generosity and long-standing support of Family Promise.