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What Does Success Look Like?

Three weeks ago, JR (aka Tony) became the second member of his family to receive his high school diploma. The first, you may recall, was his mother, Sarah, who received her high school equivalency certification after she and her four boys moved into one of Family...

Meet Board Member Jerry Fleisher—it’s a Family Affair!

It was Jerry Fleisher’s own family that started him down the road to helping homeless families. When his son Jeffrey was in high school, he got his parents involved in a coat drive for the homeless of New York City, and enlisted the family to serve Thanksgiving dinner...

Family Promise – An Opportunity of a Lifetime!

Family Promise – “An Opportunity of a Lifetime!” That’s what Shay called the Family Promise Network at her exit interview. After 7 months in the program, Shay and A’Sha, her delightful three year old, have moved into their own apartment. Shay has been working closely...