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Please donate today to give summer fun to a homeless child. School’s out for summer! Most kids are relaxing at home or attending summer camp. But for children who are homeless, summer is a little different when you are living in a shelter. Parents are stressed, and kids are too. Space is limited and shared with other families. There is no backyard to play in. There is no extra money for vacation or even a trip to a museum or the movies.

Family Promise’s Camp Lots-of-Fun helps a homeless child just be a child again.
For two fun-filled, healing weeks, 30 children who have experienced homelessness can just be kids at Camp Lots-of-Fun. They play, run, dance, create, laugh, share, learn, grow and make friends. The stresses of their life fade away as they experience fun adventures with daily field trips, performances and interactive play. The kids, ages 5-12, also get loads of much-needed attention with a nearly 1:1 ratio of campers to counselors.