I had the opportunity to sit down and speak with Nathaly C., a former resident of the Family Promise Network. I had heard that Nathaly had started her own business and wanted to learn more about it. But I actually ended up learning about a special mindset and a spirit of cooperation shared between two families from our program.

“There was a time when I was unhappy with my reality,” Nathaly explained when I asked her why she took on a second job. Besides her position advocating for adults with disabilities, Nathaly has begun working as an associate for the “number one network marketing company in the nation.” “I use my free time to bond with my daughter or build my business.” She says she no longer has time for things like watching Netflix. Instead, she reads or listens to podcasts. Nathaly said she observed while in the Network that “successful people read!”

When the opportunity presented itself, Nathaly was empowered to take the first step and believe in herself. She said she learned that through the workshops she attended while in the Network and continues to make time for today. “Coming to the workshops is like coming home. You always come away with something—knowledge, confidence, and sometimes stuff,” such as donated cleaning supplies, books, or clothing. We all have areas where we can improve. “I’m not the finished product,” she said.

Her favorite part of starting her own business? “It doesn’t allow me to be lazy or mediocre,” laughs Nathaly. “And I believe likes attract so when I’m doing well, I attract others who are successful.”

And so it happened one day when Nathaly went to have her hair cut. “I recognized someone I had met at the workshops.” Cynthia R., a mother who lives with her three children in a New Leaf apartment, was working at the salon. “I watched her work,” said Nathaly about Cynthia, “and loved her mentality.” Cynthia is working to build her clientele at the salon. “She could be doing something else but instead she is doing something she is really good at.”

When Nathaly learned that Cynthia is able to give manicures to a person in their own home, she immediately made an appointment. When the day arrived, Cynthia had car trouble. Nevertheless, she found a way to make it to meet with Nathaly at the expected time. Nathaly was so pleased and impressed that she shared Cynthia’s contact information with her entire team. Nathaly said she recognized a real “entrepreneurial spirit” in Cynthia and wanted to support that. In return, Cynthia is recommending the products that Nathaly sells to her friends and at the salon.

Nathaly says she shares the philosophy with Family Promise that if you work with people who want to better themselves, the results will be amazing. “I enjoy inspiring others to work hard to reach those dreams, THEIR DREAMS, not someone else’s.”

When asked what’s next, Nathaly replied, “Investing. I really want to start investing.” Based on all I’ve heard so far, I have no doubt that she will be successful at this as well.