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As we begin a New Year, we reflect on the many people and things for which we are grateful. And with this in mind, it’s a perfect time to thank all of the many volunteers and groups taking part in the Family Promise Walk-In Dinner Program, which we fondly refer to as “the little miracle that happens every day.”

I continue to be in awe of the strength of this program, its continuity, its popularity, and its profound value to both those it serves and those who participate. We recently had a cancellation for one of the days in late December, and I was concerned about who would step up to cover the night. For those of you unfamiliar with the program, keep in mind that participating groups are not only serving but are also providing a meal (and everything that goes with it) for approximately 125 individuals. And this is every single night of the year!

I really should know by now that we have the BEST, most committed volunteers! And that the opportunity to serve means so much to so many. We received not one, but two offers, and there was significant disappointment when I had to turn the second group down!

To all those who are a part of this amazing program, THANK YOU for caring about our more vulnerable neighbors. THANK YOU for your generosity and compassion. THANK YOU for keeping this program going for almost 28 years, and THANK YOU for being part of the solution on behalf of the homeless and hungry in our community.

Margo Heller, Director of Volunteers

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