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Holiday cheer – a success story

While at the holiday party, we received some very good news from a recent graduate of the Network.  Just before the party, the mother had met with her 7 year old daughter’s teacher and was informed that her daughter’s reading had improved so much that she no longer needed to be in a remedial reading class. As she reported this achievement, mom beamed with pride.  Who can blame her?

No doubt, the child has been working diligently on this skill. However, I’d like to think that there are two ways that Family Promise may have contributed to this success.  First, the mother attended an Empowerment Workshop where she learned the importance of reading aloud to her children. We also know that many of our volunteers take the opportunity to read to the children when they are at the congregations. This has a measurable impact on a child’s vocabulary and overall literacy.  Secondly, academic success is often adversely affected by homelessness.  Moving into an apartment of their own allows children to settle into a routine and focus on their schoolwork.  Evidently, this new stability made a difference in this child’s life.

Family Promise affects the lives of homeless families and their children in many ways – some profound and some much more subtle. Hearing how this child’s life had been impacted was a special gift.