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When we asked Maddy Santangelo why she chose Family Promise, she said “Because it helps families stay together. They help the whole family even the kids.” Eight year old Maddy decided that instead of receiving birthday gifts this year, she’d have her guests bring donations to support Family Promise, specifically a program for Camp Lots of Fun. Her check will be used to delight the children one day this summer with a visit from Great Scott Magician.

Julia D’Amico just turned 11 and, with the same kindness, delivered assorted items from our Wish List, donated in lieu of birthday gifts. From diapers to shampoo, DVD’s to gift cards and more, Family Promise families will benefit from Julia’s generosity. “I realized I had enough stuff and I wanted to give to people who are not as lucky as me and who do not have as much as me.”

Finally, Robert LaGuardia contacted us because he was working on a Boy Scout Merit Badge and wanted to know what he could do to help. He decided to have a fundraising lemonade stand while spending time at the beach with his family. He even recruited his cousins to help. He was able to raise money and awareness about family homelessness at the same time. Robert told us, “I chose the Family Promise organization for my merit badge because it appealed to me that you guys helped needy citizens and families in Bergen County. I am a citizen of Bergen County, so these people are like my neighbors. I am happy to see them being helped. Raising 82 dollars in total for the organization through a lemonade stand made me feel proud. I was proud that I am able to make people’s lives better.”

These young people are inspiring in their compassion and their desire to make a difference in the lives of others. We are proud of all of them and grateful for their efforts on behalf of Family Promise.