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The Family Promise Network

What is the Family Promise Network?

The Family Promise Network is a program offering temporary shelter and support to working families with children who are experiencing homelessness.

Temporary Shelter for Homeless Families in Bergen County NJ

Up to 14 adults and children are hosted overnight at a local congregation on a weekly rotating basis. Volunteers from the host congregation, along with others from neighboring congregations, provide meals, private sleeping areas, encouragement and fellowship.To see a list of host congregations, please click here.

Once a family is safely sheltered, immense pressure is lifted. With the on-going support and guidance of Family Promise staff, families begin to set goals and commit to overcoming obstacles to self-sufficiency. Services are tailored to each family, offering opportunities for personal, financial, and career growth.

Case Management

Case management is a key element of this program.  Along with meeting with their case manager regularly, all families are required to participate in a mandatory savings plan, financial literacy classes, empowerment workshops, parenting support, skills assessments, workplace readiness skills training, and a youth literacy initiative.

The Family Promise Network of Bergen County New Jersey