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After just over four months in the Network program, Shamena and her son moved into one of the Family Promise transitional apartments in the New Leaf program. Impressed with her positive attitude, self-motivation and sharp mind, when an apartment became available Shamena was a clear choice to be the next resident. After years of being employed part time at a local franchise restaurant, Shamena worked with her case manager to determine a career path that would utilize her skills and experience and would offer the stability and security she needs. She was connected with a skilled volunteer, Lynn Page, to create a resume that truly reflected her strengths.

Shamena decided she wanted to get into banking. Lynn tutored Shamena on how to dress and present herself for an interview in the banking field. Lynn guided her through the interview process, addressing likely questions and how to answer them. After a couple of mock interviews, Shamena felt ready to go for it.

In the meantime, Wells Fargo Bank has been presenting workshops for the Family Promise residents on financial education. Shamena came to the workshop in April dressed to impress. She met the regional director who was presenting the workshop, then connected with the manager of a branch just blocks for Shamena’s apartment. Both were very impressed with Shamena and recommended her for a full time position in that branch. Shamena, armed with her new resume, confidence and professional presentation, was offered the job. Her income has increased 400% and she now has full benefits for the first time! Congratulations, Shamena! And thank you, Lynn, for your help in making this happen.