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Sometimes, success takes time.  And so it was for Paula*, a mother who, with her two children, experienced homelessness back in 2013.  Hardworking and tenacious, the young mother applied for many better paying jobs only to be turned down when the results of the background check were reviewed.  Long before she started a family, Paula was convicted on a drug charge that followed her throughout her life.   Now, due to changes in the law, the conviction can be expunged and downgraded to a disorderly person’s offense, removing this legal nemesis.

Paula periodically called and checked in with the Family Promise staff long after she left the program, sharing the ups and downs of her life.  Finally, in January, Paula called excitedly recounting that she had secured a full-time job as a personal assistant to an elderly woman.  When we enthusiastically congratulated her, Paula replied, “I’ve tried to do my very best to keep my feet on solid ground, stay focused, and on the right track for me and my kids.  It’s finally paying off!  I could not give up.  Thank you Family Promise!”

*name changed to protect client’s privacy