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If you were able to join us at the Gala last month, you heard the heartfelt testimony of N.C., a mom of two who was part of the sheltering network several years ago. While not able to join us in person, her comments were presented via a taped video. You could hear a pin drop as she recounted her experience with Family Promise.

N.C. shared her journey and expressed her intense gratitude. On several occasions she stated that Family Promise is “an amazing organization”. She thanked everyone involved for sharing and giving, which made a difference in her life and her children’s lives, and for the impact on countless others who are “willing to be better and do better.”

It was moving to hear her say that, though she was homeless, she “never felt so at home.” When she arrived, she had a young daughter and a teenage son with a serious medical issue. She spoke of how Family Promise helped to shape her – and her children – into people who believe in themselves. Every day was a new learning experience and a time of personal and financial growth. She spoke of the workshops, the coaching, the savings, the volunteers…

After five months in the program, the family was able to move to their own apartment. And her son was ultimately able to move out on his own “fearlessly” and today is married and, thankfully, healthy.

Thanks to the support of Family Promise, N.C. overcame her fear of driving and obtained a driver’s license AND a donated car. She felt supported throughout, pursued an “impossible dream”, and became “an independent woman” in the process! She began to dream higher and, with a new mindset of what she could accomplish and how far she could go, she has recently graduated as a Private Investigator and is about to relocate to begin her new, exciting career.

Family Promise is honored to have shared in this family’s journey and transformation. N.C. did all the hard work, always staying connected because she knew we would always have her back. This is our promise to all of the families we serve.

Thank you to all of our friends and supporters who help make these dreams come true!