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Summer is supposed to be a time for barbeques, trips to the beach and visiting relatives. But this is not the case for homeless families. For the working parents in the Family Promise sheltering programs, the summer poses the added challenges of finding childcare for their children and making sure that they do not succumb to summer learning loss, or the summer slide. This is where you come in.

First, thanks to your generosity, all of the children in the Family Promise Network and New Leaf Programs will be attending summer camp this year. Early on, they will go to local camps freeing their parents to continue to work. The last two weeks of August, children ages 5 through 12 will move to Camp Lots of Fun, the two-week, end of summer day camp sponsored by Family Promise. Learn more about camp, and the amazing people who make it happen, below.

Second, homeless children, especially those who have already fallen behind their stably housed peers, can ill afford a loss of learning during summer break. Many researchers feel that the way to prevent the summer slide is to read. To all of the volunteers who have embraced the new literacy initiative by reading to the children in the Network at either the host congregations or the Family Center, thank you! Your efforts to share the joy of reading with the families will pay huge dividends in the future. In fact, at least part of the well-documented 9th grade achievement gap between low and higher income students is being traced back to differences in the access to educational opportunities during the summers of elementary school. So keep up your good work.

Speaking of good work, check out the Volunteer Spotlight on Ed Gormley, a long-time IRF and Family Promise volunteer. Ed will tell you there are lots of ways to get involved with Family Promise so if you have a talent to share, please let us know. We are currently looking for a Graphic Artist to help out the Marketing Committee.

Thanks again to all our friends who understand that homelessness doesn’t take a vacation. We are so grateful for your support.
Have a safe summer.