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As I write this my wife and I are sitting in Houston, the result of Winter Storm Stella closing Newark airport and delaying our return home. This mid-March snow storm forced us to stay an extra day, but it actually gave us a bit more time to spend with our first granddaughter. So we are safe, and we are very thankful.

This has given me time to think about how grateful I am, and how grateful we at Family Promise are because of the many who provide so much, so often.

As an example, the storm came in last night while our families were at Temple Beth Or in Washington Township. And they stayed there all day with volunteers at the synagogue so that they would be safe and not have to be on the roads in these conditions. Thanks to everyone at Temple Beth Or.

This issue of The Promise highlights a variety of activities and support for which we are grateful.

From M&T Bank providing funds for our bus to TD Bank which made Family Promise the beneficiary of their Bring Change Initiative – both banks are providing funds for life-changing programs. From Brian Gengler who built new room dividers as part of his Eagle Scout project, to long-time dedicated Board member Tom Flood. For those who will support Family Promise at our Hike or Bike day and those who have purchased raffle tickets. And for all the congregations and hundreds of volunteers who have hosted our families these past two months.

We want to express our deep gratitude for all who provide these many gifts of their time, their talent, and their treasure to our families. On this cold and snowy day, we thankfully remember the warmth all of you have provided to others.

Paul R. Shackford
President, Board of Trustees