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It has been a very exciting time at Family Promise of Bergen County. You’ll read about some of this elsewhere in this issue of The Promise, and I hope you will share our excitement for what has happened and what will happen in the future.

But I want you to know about Steve and Beverly Rosignolo, who are passionate about helping our families get the training and jobs they need. We are overwhelmed that they have provided a significant amount of funds so that we were able to create the Adam Rosignolo Family Success Fund to honor their son who died in 2013 at an all-too young age. This Fund will honor the memory of Adam who focused much of his time and attention to helping those less fortunate than he. He participated in Hike or Bike for a number of years, fielding a large team of cyclists from St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Teaneck.

We honored Adam and his parents at our May 3rd Hike or Bike event by announcing the creation of the Fund, the income from which will be used for scholarships, education and job training. In yet another wonderful moment, a friend of theirs made a donation to add to the Fund.

Steve, Beverly, and Adam all knew how important it is to provide more than just shelter. To really address the problem of homelessness, we need to look at the big picture, and address the most fundamental issue associated with homelessness . . . the lack of jobs paying meaningful wages. The Rosignolo’s and the many, many volunteers and financial supporters enable Family Promise to change so many lives.

We thank all of you.
Paul R. Shackford
President, Board of Trustees