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Only 5% of all Boy Scouts ever reach the rank of Eagle Scout. To do so, one must plan, develop and provide leadership to other scouts in a service project helpful to a religious institution, school or the community. Some Eagle Scout projects are better than others. None have been as well-executed or more targeted to Family Promise of Bergen County as the Eagle Scout Project of Patryk Rojek of Troop 86 in Lyndhurst.

United Presbyterian’s renovated kitchen

Patryk volunteers at the United Presbyterian Church whenever they host the families in the Network. The kitchen at the church was old and Patryk decided that in order to make it more inviting and efficient for when the families are there, it needed to be completely renovated. With the help of his father, a cabinetmaker by trade, Partyk and the other members of the troop met at the church and demolished the existing kitchen. New cabinets, counters and appliances were installed. The result is a brand new, state of the art kitchen which will not only benefit the church but will provide a welcoming environment where volunteers and the parents of families in the Network can work AND COOK side by side.
Thank you, Patryk. Your project reminds us that the kitchen really is the heart of any home.