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At a recent Board Meeting, it was determined that it was time to revisit our Mission and Vision statements to ensure that they clearly and accurately reflect the work we are doing with homeless working families. After much reflection and discussion a committee made up of Board and Staff came up with the following…

Our Mission: Empower homeless working families to become self-sufficient by providing temporary housing and personalized support.

At Family Promise we recognize that no two families experience homelessness in the same way. We are dedicated to meeting each family where they are and assisting them in facing their specific challenges and supporting them on their journey to become self-sufficient.

Vision: A community where every working family has a stable home and the means to create a better life.

And what a community that would be! Inspirational? You bet it is! Family Promise is working tirelessly to help homeless families in our community, regardless of which definition is used, strive for this goal. So whether a family is literally homeless or doubled up with family or friends, we have resources to meet their needs. Together, let’s make this a reality!