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“If I only had a car, so many of my problems would be solved.” So said a mother and former client of the Network Program. One of the biggest obstacles that our families face is transportation. Not having a car makes navigating Bergen County difficult and time consuming. So it was for Sandy, a new mom admitted to the Network during the third week of December. She worked full-time at a local hospital and had two children in different school districts. Determined to help, we admitted her despite her impossible transportation issue. Since taxis were a cost prohibitive option, we decided to try to get a car donated for Sandy’s use.

We sent an email out late on a Wednesday afternoon. The following day, the staff had an event to attend and did not get to the office until noon. That’s when Kate decided to check her email to see if there were any offers. To her delight, there were TWO! Minutes later, someone else called with a third car and by the end of the day we had received offers for four donated cars!

What this demonstrates to us is the power of our network and the generosity of our supporters. A GIGANTIC THANK YOU TO ALL!!