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Often times New Leaf program families are employed and do not qualify for assistance through community programs. But within the Family Promise organization there is not only a wealth of professional resources but also the heart to get involved with helping our families succeed.

DT, a resident in a New Leaf transitional apartment, was struggling with financial and legal issues that needed to be addressed in order to move forward. When unable to find the assistance she needed , DT was referred to two Family Promise board members who were able to offer their services; services she would otherwise not be able to access. Rachel Votto, CPA, sat with DT and sifted through several years of scattered documents. She was ultimately able to file DT’s back taxes returns resulting in over $2000 in refunds! And what a relief for DT to get caught up with her tax obligations. Then, facing a legal issue and having nowhere to turn, board member Jerry Fleisher referred her to a colleague who represented her in court at no cost. To get that level of support during the most stressful of times was invaluable. Thank you, Rachel and Jerry!

With those obstacles behind her, DT is able to take her next steps on a firm foundation as she strives for a better life for her family.