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“Today we witnessed the cooperation of nonprofit organizations and the business community to produce an effect greater than the sum of our parts,” said Kate Duggan, Family Promise Executive Director “and it all started with bread and kindness.”

Family Promise was offered deliveries of fresh loaves of bread for our Walk in Dinner Program baked by members of Rising Above Bakery, a nonprofit that teaches this time-honored skill to empower young adults with special needs and learning differences. The idea germinated thanks to a donation from the King Arthur Baking Company which allowed Rising Above Bakery to provide the bread for this vital meal program.

The only issue was how to slice the loaves into portions for the 150 meals Family Promise serves each night. The answer came from community-minded Ridgewood Stop & Shop Store Manager Chris Tahmoosh and Assistant Store Manager Kim Vickers. They readily agreed to partner with both nonprofits and offered to have the loaves sliced by the store’s bakery associate, Rosie.

“It was heartening to see our bakers come together to address hunger in the community and be mindful of the needs of others. After all, bread is love made visible” said Shiri Reuveni-Ullrich, Rising Above Bakery Founder/President.