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At the end of June, Coleen Bruce, our full-time Office Manager for the past thirteen years will be retiring and moving to Texas to enjoy her daughter, Helena, son-in-law, Joji, and granddaughter, Divya.

Many of you know Coleen from our events— the familiar face welcoming volunteers, donors, and families. At the office she’s the person who knows what we have, where it is and when it needs to be renewed. Unflappable, she is a calming voice in our very stressful business. There is something about her lilting voice that makes it impossible to be tense when she is around.

Several years ago, a man died and left $25,000 to Family Promise. At first, no one knew who he was. Then Coleen told us that he had visited her church several times and she had spoken with him and told him about Family Promise. She clearly touched his heart considering his generous bequest.

While we will all miss Coleen we know she is looking forward to making Texas her new home. Coleen is pictured here with her husband, David at the Family Promise Gala.