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A family of four, a mom and dad with two young children, recently called Family Promise for rental assistance. They had fallen behind due to a cut in hours at work several months back. As for so many others, their employment had also been impacted by the pandemic.

Works hours returned to full time but, since then, the couple has been trying to catch up and have simply not been able to, in part due to late and legal fees the family has incurred. After routine screening, this family was approved for rental assistance in the form of arrears. This is sometimes all a family needs to get back on their feet.

When mom came to pick up the check, she was incredibly thankful for the assistance. But as she sat down with her case manager to talk a bit more about her circumstances, there was a sense that Family Promise might be able to do more. In collaboration with another case manager, and with further exploration of the situation, it was determined that the family would benefit greatly from additional rental assistance for the next month. This would allow the family to get ahead of the cycle (payday vs when rent was due), pay the rent on time, and avoid any additional fees. The family was approved on the spot for an additional month’s rent allowing them to start fresh and save for the month of June.

Family Promise goes above and beyond in their mission to address and prevent family homelessness. Each case is unique and treated as such. Family Promise case managers always take the time to listen and evaluate in order to meet all families where they are and assist whenever possible.

This client was so appreciative and left the office with a huge sense of relief!