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When Cynthia entered the Network, she had little time to concentrate on her own needs. This comes as no surprise, considering she has three children under the age of 6. The challenging schedule of the Network added to the difficulties she was already having. Despite this, Cynthia kept doing her best and our Family Case Manager, Luz, recognizing a real sense of determination on her part, recommended her for our New Leaf Apartment program.

Since moving into their new apartment, things are changing in a positive way. C is back in school and practicing her craft in a beauty salon. She changed jobs, and in the first week, made twice as much as she had at her previous job. She was paired with a Family Promise volunteer who is providing ESL instruction. Her eldest son is attending Camp Lots-of-Fun and really enjoying the attention.

In a recent case management meeting, C reported, “Things are still hectic, but I am very happy.”

Good for you, Cynthia. Keep up the good work!