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In 2020, the Family Promise sheltering network of congregations, serving working families experiencing homelessness, was forced to close due to the pandemic. In its place, the Bridge Network was developed, and continues to assist families on their road to stability and self-sufficiency. Mary’s story below helps illustrate what it’s like for a family during the first couple of months in this program.

After successfully completing the screening process, Mary and her daughters were placed in a family friendly hotel. Mary discussed her short and long-term goals with her family case manager and together they created an individual service plan. This evaluation process included brainstorming and strategizing ways to improve the family’s finances and overall wellbeing.

Since that time, Mary has participated in our financial coaching sessions, weekly intensive case management sessions, and our mandatory savings program. Through supportive case management, Mary was also able to have her driver’s license reinstated and the latest news is that her credit score has gone up ten points in this very short period of time. Mary and her family have been part of the Bridge Network for two months now and they continue to take the necessary steps to become self-sufficient and financially stable.

This is a real win!

Mary said that she did not realize until now how some of the simple credit and financial strategies she has been learning could help build your credit. She also expressed feeling so thankful for the guidance we have been providing during a difficult time and stated that she has faith that her family will succeed in part because of our support. Mary continues to work towards her goals with her case manager, Denise, reminding her that Family Promise is simply a bridge or a tool available to her as long as she puts in the effort.

We have confidence that Mary will continue to do just that and that we will soon be welcoming her into our New Leaf Program and a more stable living situation in one of our transitional apartments.