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We have great news. Family Promise has secured an additional apartment for our New Leaf Program, offering another family the opportunity to have a new home! As Trish always said, “New Leaf is where the magic happens.” These apartments, subsidized and managed by Family Promise, offer the perfect environment for families to focus on achieving their goals with the support of a Family Case Manager.

Someone who had dealt with Family Promise in the past, and who supports our mission, reached out with the wonderful offer of a two-bedroom apartment in a lovely two-family home. Luz had the perfect candidate…a working mom we had recently placed in a hotel with her 7 month old baby.

Within a month of signing the lease, we had the cozy apartment fully furnished and all fixed up for Alana* and her infant daughter. There’s new carpeting and fresh paint, brand new household items, a crib and a high chair, and even a bookshelf lined with books for both mom and baby to enjoy.

Alana was thrilled to move in and is happy and adjusting well. We welcome this family and look forward to sharing in their successes, including seeing this beautiful child grow and thrive.

* We use pseudonyms to protect our families’ privacy.