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In early December, ten year old Bren McDermott arrived at Family Promise with a bright smile and some news to share. He had told his mom, Diane, that he didn’t need any more presents for his birthday! He told her that he had enough and that he wanted to donate to Family Promise instead. With the support of generous family and friends, Bren proudly brought many items from our “Wish List”, along with a donation of $232.

What a remarkable young man!

His mom sent the following note to Executive Director Kate Duggan after his visit. “I can’t thank you enough for making Bren feel so special. It was such a positive experience for him where he learned that there is really no better feeling than helping your fellow man. I can only hope that it’s a lesson that starts life-long patterns.”

Thank you, Bren, for your caring and your kindness. We wish you a very Happy 10th Birthday!