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It is with great sadness that we share the news of the loss of our friend, supporter and colleague, Ed Gormley of Harrington Park.  He was 90.

Ed Gormley or “Grandfather Sir,” as he was affectionately called, started off as a fledgling volunteer more than 15 years ago at St. Andrew’s Church in Harrington Park. After one night, he was hooked! From that moment forward, Ed dedicated his time to educating the community about the existence of families and individuals experiencing homelessness in wealthy Bergen County. His passion led him to create the provocative question, “If charity begins at home, where does it begin for the homeless?”—a tagline used in many of our publications at that time.

Always thinking about ways to raise awareness and funds so that we could help those who were homeless, Ed was tireless in his efforts. Many breakfasts and Board meetings with him led to growth and improvements in how we address this critical need that was so important to Ed. When a donor offered to match new funds raised by our Board of Directors, Ed went to every family member, friend, former business associate and acquaintance to rally support. Calling on his contacts from the community, he generated an email requesting a simple $10 donation that went viral and produced amazing results. Grandfather Sir ended up raising more funds than any other Board member—almost $10,000!!

Mother Teresa was asked once how she could make a difference when poverty was so prevalent and affected so many. “I’m going to start with this one,” she replied. Ed had faith that if we simply start with “this one” and provide support, encouragement and love, we can change lives. Ed helped us do just that.

Ed will always have a place in our hearts. We are honored to have known him.