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If you were unable to attend this year’s Gala, you missed hearing former camper, Jaden Pina, describe what attending Camp Lots-of-Fun meant to him. Jaden attended camp from the age of 8 until he aged out at 12 years old. According to Jaden, “It was my favorite camp. I looked forward to going every summer.” The young camper described being able to make friends, something that was difficult when he was in school. The feeling that he belonged was extremely important to him. Jaden says that camp helped him through a difficult period in his life, and he hopes to return as a volunteer counselor one day so he can help others feel the same way. Bravo, Jaden!

Jaden’s talk:
Hi, I’m Jaden and I wanted to take a moment to speak about how Camp Lots-of-Fun impacted my life and inspired me.

I was 8 years old when I first entered Camp Lots-of-Fun.
Every year I received such a warm welcome from all the staff.  Every day they would pair me up with a different counselor for the day. Counselors that understood me and made me feel accepted.  I never got this treatment at any other camp.

Making friends at Camp Lots-of-Fun was easy. We had a lot in common because our families were going through similar issues. It was cool, we could relate.

Being at Camp Lots-of-Fun gave me the best experiences, from field trips to the zoo, liberty science center, aquariums to sleepaway camps.

This made the end of my summer the most memorable and a childhood experience I will never forget.  Camp Lots-of-Fun brought me happiness during a time when my life at home was difficult.

Camp Lots-of-Fun is the greatest camp of all time.  I hope when kids go there next year they can enjoy all the activities, field trips, and memories with new friends just like I did.

Please continue to help Camp Lots-of-Fun! Families going through a difficult time would really benefit, like my mom and I did.

The end