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By now, I hope you have all shoveled your way out of the most recent snowstorm and are getting back to your normal routines. As I write this, school has been cancelled and all of the children and their mothers are in the Family Center. Curious about what happens to our families when it snows? See the article below explaining our winter weather protocol and how well it worked during the most recent storm.

Speaking of bad weather, there are some volunteers who you know you can count on no matter what the weather OR the assignment. Our Volunteer Spotlight shines on Janet Beddoe of Haworth this month, highlighting her activity as volunteer, Congregation Coordinator, Program Coordinator and Board Member. Janet is not a fair-weather friend and Family Promise has certainly benefitted from her outstanding service. Read more about Janet in the article below.

Not to be outdone, our Youth Volunteer, Bren McDermott demonstrates the power of giving with one’s heart. When I asked this 10-year-old why he wanted donations to Family Promise rather than gifts for himself he replied, “Because I have enough”. WOW! In a world so consumed with material things, what a concept! Read more about this amazing young man and future philanthropist below.

Some of you have asked for periodic updates on the families so please see below to find out what Desiree has been working on for the past three months. Go Desiree!

We are expecting some families to move out of the Network Program shortly, check out this month’s Wish List to see how you can help families get settled in their new homes.

I can’t believe that January is almost past, but before it’s gone, let me direct you to the Save the Date section. Please make sure to add all of the Family Promise events to your calendar.
Hoping the rest of 2016 is filled with love, laughter, peace and no more snow!