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We know the Family Promise Walk-In Dinner Program in Hackensack serves a nutritious meal to about 130 homeless and hungry people. We know it’s served every night of the year.  But maybe sometimes we forget how much it can mean.

I recently had a chance meeting with someone who’d been in the Hackensack shelter for four months.  Upon hearing that I was with Family Promise, she took my hand … and started to cry.  She cried with gratitude for the meals she’d been given during the months she was homeless. She told me that although she’d now “landed in a good place,” she’ll never forget how happy the dinner volunteers seemed to be as they filled her plate with delicious food.  She remembered the generosity of spirit among those serving, and the kindness and compassion that was heaped on her plate along with the food.

You know what she means. Maybe you were one of those who served her. And you know she’s not the only one.
Thank you!