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This is what success looks like.

Those of you who read The Promise regularly know that we often include a family success story.  In this edition, we will report on the success of the Network program as evidenced by what our current families are doing and saying.

The three families currently in the Network program are all getting along.  (This in itself is a success.) Together, they have found community and friendship.  They do not hesitate to help one another and at the same time feel the genuine concern of the volunteers from the congregations. You have become models for them in their role as parents and supportive during this stressful time.

The families currently in the program are appreciative of Family Promise and all that they have learned while with us.  The parents are completely engaged in case management while they search for paths to a better future.  More than one has mentioned that the structure and discipline of the program taught them new skills that will help them going forward.

In conversations with their Family Case Manager, Luz Galeano, each parent has spoken about how the program is so much more than they thought coming into it.  Although initially apprehensive and scared, they are now in awe of the generosity of heart with which total strangers (Family Promise volunteers) have embraced them.

The moms realize that the program has given them the ability to find quality time to spend with their children.  Without the pressures that used to consume them, such as when they were worried about paying bills and feeding their children, now, these moms can calmly read to their children and tuck them in at night.

For Family Promise staff, these mothers’ responses highlight the value of our model and confirm that we are empowering families to move toward successful futures.

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