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Sarah and Cassie* have completed their time in the transitional apartment program and are moving out on their own. Once they had set their personal goals and had a clear vision of what they wanted to achieve, they went to work!

Sarah was determined to get her High School Equivalency (HSE) diploma before her son graduated from high school that summer. With the help of a Family Promise tutor and a lot of hard work, she did it! And her son was close on her heels. Within a few months, the family had two high school graduates.

With new confidence, Sarah got a job at a local hospital, increasing her income by 43 percent. With the help of Family Promise, she got her driver’s license and a car donation, which made it possible for her to attend and complete five evening and weekend courses at BCC—prerequisite classes for the RN program. Sarah applied the knowledge she gained at the Family Promise Financial Empowerment workshops to manage her credit report, decreasing her debt by 37 percent and increasing her credit score by 145 points!

Cassie and her daughters are also preparing to move out on their own. They will be moving out of state where they can unite with family members and create a support network. While living in a transitional apartment, Cassie also got her driver’s license and received a car donation. With that, and Family Promise’s support, she was able to attend an EKG Technician Certification program. She passed the final exam with flying colors and will soon be sitting for the national exam! Cassie has saved enough money to pay her moving expenses, secure and furnish her own apartment and still have a substantial emergency fund.

Family Promise is so proud of them! But, more importantly, they’ve made their children proud. This is how the magic happens.
*She asked us not to use her real name.