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Many of you met a couple with their beautiful son, while they were in the Network. We are happy to report that after 4 months, the family moved into their own apartment on April 5th. The family, who joined us in December, set and met some important goals while with us. For their privacy, their names are not being used for this article.

Once in the Network, mom obtained health insurance, something she was unable to access previously. Lack of a permanent address added an additional layer to an already complicated process. Family Promise not only was able to connect the family to a local practitioner and but also help with the costs not covered by insurance.

Initially without a car, Family Promise provided transportation in order for dad to arrive at the congregations on time. Once settled, mom was able to transfer her driver’s license to New Jersey and through the generosity of a local supporter received a donated car.* The availability of reliable transportation at her disposal made it possible for the mom to get a job. Even more important to her, her son, now one year old, is able to go to work with her. In addition to all of this, her flexible work hours gave her time to identify the apartment where she and her young family now live!

Next step: Mom plans to begin classes to become a certified phlebotomist.

* Family Promise is always looking for used cars in good working order. Please call the office for details.