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It’s Summer 2014. We hope all of you are enjoying it, and we hope you have a chance to relax and refresh yourselves. At Family Promise, we are working to help our families and children have a chance to refresh and relax. For the 14th year Camp Lots of Fun will give a chance for 30 homeless children to enjoy time to get together each day, play games, go on day trips, be entertained by clowns . . . and much, much more. It’s a great experience for all of the children—but also for the many counselors whose lives will be changed because of their interactions with the children.

While the Camp has been an important part of Family Promise for 14 years, Nancy Woods has been critical to Family Promise for over 25 years. Nancy was there when the old IRF was starting up, and helped to establish the shelter for families that was held at St. Cecelia’s Church in Englewood. During all those years—including being the Board President and now President Emeritus, Nancy has come to the office every day, doing a lot of work that needed to be done.

I have always referred to Nancy as my hero. I met her 25 years ago, and have always been amazed at her passion and compassion . . . her desire to help all who needed her help . . . and her anger at a society that believes that homelessness is something that just has to be accepted.

After all those years of coming to the office, Nancy has decided to take her next step. Among many other things, she is helping her son who just opened 14 + Hudson restaurant in Piermont, NY. Stop by to enjoy a great meal and wonderful hospitality.

Thanks, my Hero, for all you have done . . . including passing on some of your passion to me and the rest of Family Promise. We will never forget you!