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Family Success – We survived!!

This year, like 2020, was not your usual year.  It didn’t matter your background, your race, or your economic status, we were all affected by the pandemic.  Nevertheless, the families, many of whom had COVID at some point during the year, continued to move forward toward their goals.

It is customary in the Annual Review to highlight one family, one success story.  This year, however, we would like to share some of the seemingly small but incremental steps families took, moving them closer to becoming self-sufficient.

We are extremely happy to report that during the year, all of the families in our shelter and post-shelter programs improved their credit and consistently contributed to their saving accounts.  All but one family in our New Leaf Program obtained better jobs and the one who didn’t was busy working as a contact tracer!

Here are a few examples of family successes…

To be continued in our 2021 Annual Review.  Keep a lookout for it!