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Sometimes you learn about the effects of your efforts in the strangest way.

So it was for volunteer Stan Laser from Temple Sinai in Tenafly. One night recently at the dinner table when his congregation was hosting, he mentioned to one of the mothers how nice it was that her son seemed to be so involved in reading books. He asked her how he got started on the path to become a reader and she surprised Stan by saying that he was not much of a reader until they started with Family Promise.

To Stan, this is validation of the effectiveness of encouraging reading with the children during their time in the Network. We agree! We know there is a very strong correlation with youth literacy on academic success, and are very encouraged by this extremely positive feedback.

Thanks to everyone who has read to a child, listened to a child read aloud or sat back while older children read on their own. YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!!

Pictured here is our avid reader (incognito) clowning around at the congregation.