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In 2020, as the pandemic closed our sheltering network, Family Promise made a commitment to a new Rental Assistance Program. This program of homeless prevention is continuing today and is geared to helping families who would otherwise be at risk of losing their housing. These are hard-working moms and dads who increasingly face higher prices, rising rents, threat of eviction, and food insecurity as they try to support their families. Each situation is completely unique and is addressed as such by Family Promise Case Managers, who always look at the big picture. They listen, make a connection, and determine how best to offer assistance. Some families receive back rent, some guidance and advice, and some are given grocery store cards, but no one leaves Family Promise empty handed.

The majority of clients reaching out have never before sought out assistance and are humbled by the situation they find themselves in. George and Leticia were one such couple. George has been employed by a plumbing supply company for many years and makes a good wage. However, with two teenagers, the family was dependent on two salaries to keep them afloat. Leticia had recently lost her job and the unemployment benefits were delayed at the same time that George’s mother died, which brought unexpected and significant expenses. Many families are forced to live paycheck to paycheck today and are unprepared for this type of crisis. They had nowhere else to turn and found Family Promise.

They spoke with their Case Manager Denise, who looked at the situation and offered both monetary relief and hope for this family.  They received two months rental assistance, food cards, and guidance on possible jobs for Leticia to help them get back on their feet. In addition, Denise negotiated with the management company on their behalf eliminating all late and court fees!

Both the monetary assistance and the caring human touch that Family Promise offers are significant. Families leave both grateful and empowered. Watch for more stories in future issues about the “breathing space” provided by this vital program.

Thank you for your support!