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Family Promise is blessed to have many dedicated supporters, some big, some small.  Some, like the gentleman in the story below, want to remain anonymous.

One evening this month, a nicely dressed gentleman in his late twenties arrived at the loading dock of the Walk-in Dinner on foot.  He asked one of our volunteers, Caroline Dorcey, if we accepted cash donations to which she answered affirmatively.  The fellow placed a plastic sandwich bag containing a $10 bill and some change into Caroline’s hand and continued walking south down River Street. He did not take a meal.

The volunteer handed the bag over to the Team Leader for that evening, Beth Falker.  Inside the bag she found:

$10.00 bill
     9.00 in one dollar coins
      1.50 quarters
      1.00 dimes
         .15 nickels
         .49 pennies

Total: $22.14

This is all we know.  For some reason, this young man was moved to help us in whatever way he could.

Family Promise is grateful to this anonymous person and to all of our donors who selflessly, and perhaps unknowingly, impact the lives of others through their generosity.