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What do you do when you have a gift card you can’t use?  Buy something frivolous? Sell it on the internet? Put it in a drawer and let it expire? If you are Willow Hindon of Waldwick, you consider how you could use the gift card to help someone else.

After receiving identical birthday gifts, Willow returned one and ended up with a sizeable gift card.  She could not find anything she was interested in purchasing so she had her mother call Family Promise to identify a need we had. Margo Heller, Director of Volunteers, realized that since we provide safe, age –appropriate child restraints with every donated car that goes to a family, having car seats available is essential. Willow jumped at the chance and thanks to her generosity, Family Promise is the proud owner of a brand new toddler/youth car seat – at least temporarily.

Thank you Willow for finding a way to make a difference by turning your gift into a gift for Family Promise.