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The reality for many of the families that come to Family Promise is that they simply do not make enough money to cover the rent and other monthly expenses.  Therefore, a big component of our program is to help families raise their income.

There are numerous ways that Family Promise can help:

  • Increase skills needed for the job
  • Provide educational opportunities
  • Build confidence to present oneself in a positive light
  • Update and organize a resume
  • Assist in obtaining reliable transportation opening up new job opportunities in other communities
  • Practice interviewing skills

Our Family Case Managers consider all of these options in order to help families create a plan to move ahead in their careers. Recently, two women did just that.

Savannah was working in a restaurant and pre-pandemic was in line for a managerial training program.  Once COVID struck, the program contracted and Savannah’s promotion was put on hold.  Deciding to move in a new direction, she received personalized coaching to be able to articulate how the skills she had acquired in the restaurant business transferred to a career in customer service.

Carly held a position in a fast-paced medical office. She was under constant pressure to work faster and to produce more.  The situation became toxic with no regard for Carly’s mental health or that of the other employees.  With the help of Family Promise volunteers, she rewrote her resume and began her job search.

The Resiliency Workshop Series we offer taught these women how to proceed confidently in the interview process. Our financial workshops helped them evaluate the benefits packages and make an informed decision when comparing job offers.

With the help of Family Promise, both women acquired full-time jobs with an increase in salary and full benefits.

Congratulations to Savannah and Carly. We look forward to hearing about future successes!