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Support Services

Case Management
All parents in our program meet regularly with a Family Promise Case Manager.  Together, they create a step-by-step plan with specific goals and objectives tailored to each family’s individual needs.  The Family Case Manager provides personalized, emotional support and guidance that empowers families to continue toward their goal of self-sufficiency. They also assist families in finding and accessing other resources in the community as necessary.

Financial Education Programming
Good financial health is of the utmost importance in order for a family to become and remain self-sufficient. Our Financial Education Program gives parents the unique, life-changing opportunity to regularly meet one-on-one with a professional financial coach to discuss their monetary goals and create a plan to achieve them. Other aspects of this program include a mandatory savings plan, monthly workshops, and building or repairing credit through the use of secured credit cards, which we provide.

Personal Empowerment Workshops
Families grow in knowledge and confidence by attending monthly workshops on a variety of  topics, such as personal empowerment, resiliency building, positive parenting, tenant’s rights, life skills, self-care, soft skills for employment, and more.  Attending the workshops with other families with lived experience creates a sense of community and gives families the understanding that homelessness is a temporary, surmountable challenge.

Job Training & Educational Advancement
Parents need marketable skills to secure a higher paying job or request a promotion, an increase in work hours, or better benefits from their current employer. We help fund the education or job training that will qualify parents for those positions. Examples include, training within the trades, a commercial driver’s license, computer skills, certifications in the healthcare field, and more. We also provide ESL education as needed.

Reliable transportation expands the radius around which parents can look for employment.  It is also essential for working families to bring their children to school or daycare, get to the grocery store, and more. Family Promise has a robust car donation program and we work with parents to help them get their driver’s permit, get behind-the-wheel training, and pass their road test. We also provide families with bus passes and/or gift cards for Lyft or Uber.

Quality childcare is a necessity for parents to be able to work. Family Promise assists parents with these costs, including in-house childcare for parents who work nights or weekends. Children ages 5-12 in our program may also attend Camp Lots-of-Fun, our two-week day camp held at the end of every August which fills the critical need for childcare before the new school year begins.

Although the families in our programs are working, they are on extremely tight budgets. Grocery store gift cards alleviate some of the financial pressure these families feel and give parents the opportunity direct more of their limited incomes to paying off existing debt or building their savings.