Super 50/50 Raffle

Grand prize winner Jeff Brentnall is pictured above  with Executive Director Kate Duggan.

Super 50/50 Raffle Winners

Thank you to everyone who purchased a Family Promise Super 50/50 Raffle Ticket (or more than one ticket) this year! Due to COVID-19, it was a challenge to get the word out about the raffle, as we were not able to speak and sell tickets at local churches as we usually do (and we missed seeing all of our friends and supporters in the process). However, thanks to YOU, we did sell 635 tickets! Congratulations to all the winners!

Grand prize: Jeff Brentnall, Ticket #536, $15,875

Second prize: David and Diane Lang, Ticket #205, $6,350 

Third Prize winners: $635.00 each  
Nancy Gross, Ticket #631  
Regina Harte, Ticket #164 
Sue Hill, Ticket #615 
Kate Unger, Ticket #282 
Noreen Coyne, Ticket #256 
Peter Scivoletti, Ticket #319 
Erne Linn/MLM PROPERTIES, Ticket #158
Dan Kelly, Ticket #239 
William Hansen, Ticket #515 
John Bussanich, Ticket #346 
David Johnson, Ticket #549 
Elizabeth Arnone, Ticket #559 
Richard McPolin, Ticket #2 
Sacred Heart, Ticket #212 
John Welby, Ticket #176