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As the state slowly begins to reopen, plans are being made for Camp Lots-of-Fun, our two-week summer camp for homeless children. Homelessness is a traumatic event and, coupled with the stay-at-home order, the past almost 4 months have been really hard on the Family Promise children. Getting outside has never been so important–or so desperately needed.

According to Ash Reddy, who is returning as the director of the camp, “Camp Lots-of-Fun is an opportunity for children to experience different activities and spend time with their peers. This camp is needed more than ever because the pandemic and stay-at-home order have prevented children from socially engaging with others. Camp provides them a safe place to play, learn, and just be kids without any outside pressures.”

Camp Lots-of-Fun will look a lot different this year. Washing stations, hand sanitizers, and masks will be the norm. Since outside trips are prohibited, we will be bringing in some favorite activities and getting really creative in everything we will be doing and how we will be staging it.

One thing is for certain, there will be a lot of laughter and smiles and time to just let loose. After all, that’s what Camp Lots-of-Fun is all about.