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Family Promise has added a six-part resiliency workshop series, facilitated by Danielle Craig of Empowering U Programs, to its collection of strength building workshops for families. “Part 1 of the series showed such promise. Families were engaged and allowed themselves to be open and vulnerable with one another, which was just such a powerful thing to witness,” stated Cynthia, one of our Family Case Managers.

The resiliency workshop series was developed to empower our families by cultivating and strengthening their sense of “self.”  The workshops are a safe space that encourage families to explore their sense of self-love, self-acceptance, self-care, and self- compassion.  Nourishing these inner areas have become ever more essential given the fatigue and loss of self so many of us have found ourselves experiencing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Family Promise realized the need for and value in providing our families with these workshops, presenting them with opportunities to develop the tools and skills that will inevitably aid in becoming the healthiest version of themselves.

Due to increased safety precautions on account of the pandemic, part 1 of the series took place via Zoom; however, this did not stop Danielle Craig from radiating her tranquil energy and authentic presence. The incorporation of various images and music throughout the workshop diversified the way the content was delivered and truly kept the families engaged.

Part 1 of the series ended by encouraging families to repeat “I am” statements spoken aloud by Danielle. “I am strong!,” families repeated. Families became so engaged that some even declared their own “I am” statements without the guidance of Danielle. This powerful moment was how part 1 of the workshop series ended, but it is a beautiful illustration of the energy and cohesion that was felt throughout the entire workshop.