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Thanks to a generous donation, Family Promise was able to provide Zoey and Angel, one of our Network families, with a car! Like many of our families, Zoey is resourceful, resilient, and adaptive. She has managed without the use of her own car thus far, but now that Zoey has a car, she truly is thriving.

A car has made a tremendous impact on Zoey and her son as it has made their lives so much easier. Everyday tasks such as grocery shopping, getting to and from work, or running errands have not only become more convenient but more enjoyable as well. To Zoey’s surprise, having a car has also given her something invaluable – more time with Angel. Less time spent walking or commuting to work on public transportation has given Zoey the chance to create more moments to bond with her son. “Mommy are we going for a ride in the gold car today?!” Zoey says this is something Angel always asks in excitement now that they have a car. The unintended consequence of more time has created space for Zoey and Angel to share extra laughs and moments together in their new car, whether they are on their way to fun places such as the park or just out for a simple, local joyride.

At Family Promise we support our families by helping to reduce barriers that may impede their success or add unnecessary strain. With reliable transportation, Zoey can now continue working on her short and long-term goals with a little more efficiency, freedom, and peace of mind.